Meet Lashana Lynch the new 007 in Bond 25

Meet Lashana Lynch the new 007 in Bond 25
Meet Lashana Lynch the new 007 in Bond 25
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Meet Lashana Lynch the new 007, whose name has recently been the buzz of the media as it has been revealed she will be the new 007 in the next Bond movie.

Bond 25, the upcoming 25th installment of the spy film James Bond series, will be having Lashana Lynch taking over the 007 code name mantle from Daniel Craig.

According to a report from the Dailymail, it described it as a ‘popcorn-dropping moment’, “British star Lashana Lynch, will be given Bond’s licence to kill in the 25th movie in the franchise, currently being shot in Italy and the UK.”

Even though Lashana Lynch takes over the Double O Seven (007) code name, it doesn’t mean that she will be the new James Bond or Jamie Bond.

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A movie insider said, “There is a pivotal scene at the start of the film where M says ‘Come in 007’, and in walks Lashana who is black, beautiful and a woman.”

‘It’s a popcorn-dropping moment. Bond is still Bond but he’s been replaced as 007 by this stunning woman.

According to IMDb and Wikipedia, Lashana Lynch will be portraying the character “Nomi” and Daniel Craig will be reprising his role as “James Bond”.

Bond 25 will reportedly be Daniel Craig’s last outing as the iconic MI6 agent, James Bond, suggesting that the 007 code name mantle may pass onto Lashana Lynch as the end of the film.

Bond 25 will be Daniel Craig’s 5th film portraying as fictional MI6 agent James Bond. The list of films includes Casino Royale (2006) , Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall (2012), Spectre (2015).

In case some people are wondering who Lashana Lynch is, she is the 32 year old actress who recently played as Air Force Maria Rambeau and best friend of Carol Danvers in this year’s Captain Marvel film.

Bond 25 is expected to be released next year April 2020, however still does not have an official title for the film.

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