Spider-Man Far From Home post credits scene leaked

Spider-Man Far From Home post credits scene leaked
Spider-Man Far From Home post credits scene leaked
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Spider-Man Far From Home post credits scene has been leaked onto the internet!

After the movie comes to an end, we see Spider-Man aka Peter Parker while wearing his Spider-Man costume swinging through New York City with Michelle “MJ” Jones hugging him tightly.

As Peter Parker and MJ stops and land on the ground in the middle of a busy street, Spider-man ask if MJ is okay in which she frantically responds “Uh Ohhh, Ya! I’m okay!, just just never doing that again”.

As Spider-man jumps up onto a lamp post about to leave the area, on a large TV billboard we hear “This is breaking news.”

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“We come to you now with revelations about last week attack in London. An anonymous source provided this video it shows Quentin Beck aka Mysterio moments before his death. A warning you may find this video disturbing.”

We see a short moment of MJ’s concerned face just before the TV billboard switches to a video of an injured Quentin Beck speaking in a frantic and fast tone.

“I may have said I am going to go back thru the dimension rift but I don’t think i’m going to make it off this bridge alive, Spider-man attacked me for some reason. He has an army of weaponized drones, Stark technology.”

As Spider-man look backwards towards MJ, Quentin Beck continues saying, “He says his the only one who going to be the new Iron Man, no one else.”

As the scene switches we see a downed Mysterio on the bridge with Spider-man standing next to him.

We hear E.D.I.T.H. saying “Are you sure you want to commence the drone attack , there will be significant causalities” to which we hear the video’s Spider-man responding “Do it! execute them all!” next we wear lots of gun fire occurring in the background”

As the video on the TV monitor ends, we switch back to the news reporter continuing his report. “The shocking video was released earlier today on the controversial news website the daily bugle dot net”

We see now on the TV Billboard what seems to be J Jonah Jameson played by J. K. Simmons, who also played the same character in the previous Spider-Man 2002 trilogy movie.

“There you have it folks conclusive proof that Spider-man was responsible for the brutal murder of Mysterio! The inter-dimension warrior who gave his life to protect our planet and who will no doubt go down in history as the greatest superhero of all time!”

As Spider-man looks in horror J Jonah Jameson continues his speech on the billboard “But that is not all folks, here is a real block buster. Brace yourself you might want to sit down.”

The TV Billboard now shows Quentin Beck, “Spider-Man’s real…. Spider-Man’s real name is Pete…” As the TV Bill board’s video fizzles out of sync.

Next we see a worried face MJ and Spider-Man looking at the TV Billboard as Quetin Beck seems to be stammering.

As the video fizzles back into sync, we see Quetin Beck says loudly, “Spider-man’s name is Peter Parker!” and an image of Peter appears on the TV Bill Board.

The last image we see of the post credit scene is Spider-man saying “What the F***!” in the same fashion which his Aunt May ended in the previous Spider-Man Homecoming movie.

That it for the first post credit scene of Spider-Man Far from home. Wait a moment. Did we say first post credit scene?

You guessed it here is the second post credit scene!

We see Nick Fury and Maria Hill in a car driving in town this time, which is different from the previous Avenger’s Endgame post credit scence.

As the two are driving we see something happen to Maria Hill! She transforms into a female Skrull and she “you gotta tell him”.

At this moment we see Nick Fury also transform into a male Skrull, who replies to the female Skrull saying “It was fine, the little boy and that, we helped” only to be cut short by the female skrull who said “Talos”

This implies that the two skrulls are actually Talos and Soren who had been playing as Nick Fury and Maria Hill during the events of Spider-man far from home.

“Come on how was I suppose to know that the whole thing was fake , i mean that was all very convincing you know the performances, the illusions, that costume. This is just embarrassing.”

Moments later we hear Talos speaking on a phone while he says “the mission is going well. We got the glasses to Parker about a week ago like he said. and uh.”

“Shortly after that everything kind of went of the rails so we need you to come back because are kept asking where the Avengers are, and I don’t know what to say to that”.

Next we see a mobile device with Talos’s face speaking on what seem to be a video conference call.

As the mobile device turns off we see a pair of legs which seems to be taking a break by the bridge.

The man then gets up only to reveal himself to be the real nick fury as we see his rear view and his iconic eye patch.

As Nick Fury stretches his arms the beach scenery disappears revealing that it was just a hologram.

Nick Fury then turns around looking all sloppy just like how Thor became after Avengers’s Endgame 5 year time jump.

As Nick Fury lazily walks around we see his surrounding to be that of a space ship just as he claps his hands “Everybody back to work” Just before the post credit scene ends he yells “Get my shoes”.

That is it for the Spider-Man far from home post credits scene. The movie just released on 02 Jul 2019 in the United States. We do hope you marvel fans catch the movie at your nearest theater to see it!

Spider-man Far From Home Poster
Spider-man Far From Home Poster
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