Makati City Police Officers help woman deliver Christmas baby


On Christmas day a child was born. However the location was not Bethlehem. This Christmas baby was born in Makati City in the Philippines’ Metro Manila region.

A woman, who was identified as “Divine”, is a 22 year old from Mandaluyong City. She was walking along P. Burgos St. in Barangay (Village) Poblacion when she suddenly went into labor at around 3pm in the afternoon on Christmas Day (25 Dec 2018).

Police officers, PO1 Evangeline Evardo, PO1 Fatima Manalo and PO1 Marygrace Lanaja, who happened to be roving around the area found her after her water already broke.

The three police officers called for an ambulance, however it was too late, thus they lay the woman down on some pieces of cardboard and helped the woman in giving birth.

Officer Evangeline Evardo caught the baby boy’s head during the birth.

The woman and her new born Christmas baby child were then taken to the hospital Ospital ng Makati.




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