Hong Kong protest against extradition law

More than million in Hong Kong protest against extradition law
More than million in Hong Kong protest against extradition law
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More than a million people in Hong Kong protest against a extradition law on 09 Jun 2019, Sunday.

Critics fear that if the extradition law was passed, it could let China target political opponents in Hong Kong, allowing suspected criminals to be sent to mainland China for trial.

Rally Organizers, the Civil Human Rights Front estimated more than million people took part in Sunday’s protest demonstration.

However the police spokesman estimated the number “at its peak” was at 240,000 people.

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The numbers estimated by the organizers and police are different because they use different methods to calculate the crowds.

The protesters consisted of lawyers , business people to students , pro-democracy figures and religious groups.

According to a BBC report, the protest was mainly peaceful. however after it ended hundereds of protested tried to break into the Legislative Council complex and ended up clashing with police in riot gear.

“Record numbers on the streets of Hong Kong, in protest again the Extradition Law.” tweeted Denise Ho, a Hong Kong-based Cantopop singer and actress. “Mtr stations have been closed down, crowds still joining at starting point, three hours after the start of the march.”

Carrie Lam who is Hong Kong’s leader has pushed for the the proposed changes to be passed before July this year.

Carrie Lam defended the law saying it is vital to plug a long-standing “loophole”.

Supporters claims that there are safeguards in place to prevent anyone facing religious or political persecution from being extradited to mainland China.

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