Anyone wants turkey? How about a blue one?

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We heard of going cold turkey before. Has anyone heard of Blue Turkey?!

That’s right, Rumah Rasa a Indonesian restaurant in Singapore has prepared its Christmas menu and one of the dishes on it apparently is a Blue colored Turkey. The bird will have its own unique stuffing, which contains Indomie noodles folded into bread and soaked in milk mixed together with Indonesian herbs and spices.

Why is the turkey blue in color? 

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Apparently  the turkey is braised in Asian pigeonwings, commonly know as blue butterfly pea, which is a flower before its roasted in the oven. This flower is commonly used in south east asia cooking as a natural food coloring.

While this blue turkey is a eye catcher for many, some people are overly cautious about the food they eat and may avoid this dish totally as they may be unfamiliar with the butterfly pea flower and mistaken that artificial coloring and chemicals are used to achieve the blue hue on the food. Luckily there are other menu items on its buffet.

In case you are hungering for this blue turkey, Rumah Rasa is located at the bay hotel in Singapore. More details can be found on their website.

PS: We are not promoting or related Bayhotel Singapore or it’s restaurant. Only purely curious about the Blueness of its Turkey.


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