Keya Morgan charged for elder abuse against Stan Lee

Keya Morgan charged for elder abuse against Stan Lee
Keya Morgan charged for elder abuse against Stan Lee
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Keya Morgan who is the former manager of the late comic book writer Stan Lee has been charged with elder abuse, a Los Angeles court official said on 13 May 2019 Monday.

Keya Morgan was charged with five counts of elder abuse, including false imprisonment, fraud and forgery stemming from an incident last summer.

Keya Morgan and Stan Lee had been friends for several years, and became closer after Stan Lee’s wife Joan death in 2017.

Keya Morgan was served with a restraining order last year after Lee’s family accused him of elder abuse.

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In court documents last year, Keya Morgan was accused of seizing control of Stan Lee’s Hollywood Hills home and hiring security guards with orders to keep away relatives and associates.

Law enforcement and Adult Protective Services officials went to Stan Lee’s home last year on 30 May 2018 to to perform a welfare check on the elderly comic book writer.

Keya Morgan happened to arrive at the home Stan Lee was being interviewed and security guards refused to let him in.

That was when Keya Morgan called 911 to report a burglary is taking place. Later that evening Keya Morgan accused a security guard at the home of assaulting him and Stan Lee with a weapon, according to a NBC report.

After this incident, Stan Lee was moved out his home and into an unfamiliar condominium the following month in order to isolate Stan Lee from his family.

Stan Lee died last year on 12 Nov 2018 at the age of 95. The cause of Stan Lee’s death was Cardiac Arrest, Respiratory Failure and Congestive Heart Failure. Significant Conditions that contributed to his death was Aspiration Pneumonia.

So in honor for Stan Lee, we will sign off this post with his famous catch phrase. Excelsior!

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